Welcome To The Future!

At Secure PressID we’re starting a revolution. We’re throwing off the yoke of weak meaningless identities (passwords), but we’re not falling for the unfriendly strong identity solutions (tokens) either. Our revolution is a revolution of the people, and the people demand strong identity support that is fast, reliable, and most of all easy to use. Above all people don’t want to be forced to buy another gizmo or widget.

At Secure PressID we’re giving the people what they want with a strong identity solution based on the biometric interaction of the human hand and a touch screen device… any touch screen device. Our patent-pending technology allows a high degree of confidence biometric identification using your favorite touch screen device (like the Apple iPad). No hardware components to purchase. Nothing to plugin. The user presses their hand on the screen of their touch device and voila! In less time than it would take to read the One Time Password from your favorite dongle we can authenticate the user! Become a part of the revolution with Secure PressID!


Recent Developments

Secure PressID is pleased to announce that we are experiencing significant interest from numerous large enterprises seeking to use our technology to help solve their strong identity needs. The solutions range from internal enterprise identity issues to helping establish strong identity security in Customer-to-Business iPad applications.

Technology Use Cases

Identity Provider

You can’t visit many sites today without seeing “Logon with X” where X may be Facebook, Yahoo, or Google. These companies have established themselves as Identity Providers using the OAuth protocol. Establishing identity with a high degree of confidence is what Secure PressID does, so it’s a natural fit. We expect it won’t be long before you start seeing “Logon with Secure PressID” too!

Enterprise Two Factor Authentication

Enterprises spend millions every year for SSO solutions but find they need Two Factor authentication in certain cases. Secure PressID is the most user friendly biometric authentication available, so it is a perfect fit for enterprises concerned with high confidence Two Factor authentication.